I install ssl on my site everything working fine except one thing, all the links coming from get_template_directory_uri() function are not returning https https://www.bearapeninsula.com here is a Function Reference/get template directory Languages : English • template directory 日本語 ( Add your language ) Once I log in, get_template_directory_uri() returns the correct url including the ‘www’. Started by: mnsweet. shawn caza [WP Knowledge Base] Theme Function 'ipt_kb_scripts' issue with Child Themes. Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! If I then log out, it will continue to return the correct url for a … Interested in functions, hooks, classes, or methods? 2; 5; 1 day, 5 hours ago. Oddly, get_template_directory_uri() returns the url without ‘www’ at times.

Used By Description; wp-includes/link-template.php: get_parent_theme_file_uri() Retrieves the URL of a file in the parent theme. Description # Description. When this happens, the only thing that seems to solve the issue is to login to wp-admin.

2; 1; 3 years, 3 months ago. get_template_directory_uri() sometimes returns url without ‘www’ Started by: shawn caza. Retrieves the URL of a file in the theme. Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Searches in the stylesheet directory before the template directory so themes which inherit from a parent theme can just override one file. santilomb [Blogotron] Wrong function used to enqueue style.