Excel Programming / VBA / Macros; CTRL+Page Up and CTRL+Page Down; Results 1 to 3 of 3 CTRL+Page Up and CTRL+Page Down. VBA I have now: ... .End(xldown) is the VBA equivalent of CTRL+DOWN. that was the first one that I tried. Hello, CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW normally selects a column of data in an Excel spreadsheet but I am working on someone else's spreadsheet and it is not working; it will only select part way through the data and stop, then I will have hit the DOWN ARROW again and it will go a little further down but won't go to the end unless I keep hitting the DOWN ARROW. I would like to be able to place the cursor in A1 and then as per the key strokes select all data in that column until I hit a blank, and then all the data to the right. 「エクセルでのシートの切り替え」Ctrl + PageDown と Ctrl + PageUp の二つのショートカットキーを行っても出来ません!なぜですか? もしかして ノートですか、Fn+Ctrl + PageDown 、 Ctrl + PageUp を … Joined Oct 8, 2003 Messages 6. VBA SendKeys Examples. To specify repeating keys, use the form {key number}.

Arturo. Shift Required. Just press on the "Page Down" button where usually is at below the "Page Up" button on the right side of keyboard tray(see image attached below). but for some reason "{DEL}" is the right syntax for delete but it wont work unless i put it in as (""), the same way page down isnt working when I use what MSDN says – user1787114 Jul 16 '15 at 21:22

The state of SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT. I also wanted to know to then paste that as special values. I am sure there is an easy way to do this. You can do this by using the ScrollRow and ScrollColumn. In the video of this blog post we have a scenario where if the user has a cell selected in the customer list, we want the userform to go to the Details page tab, whilst if the cell is blank go to the Tasks page tab. Ctrl+Shift+Page Down selects the current and next sheet in a workbook.

Disabled: …

ScrollRow. Thread starter Lynden; Start date Dec 30, 2004; L. Lynden New Member. I have looked at the code you supplied but am unable to figure out the alteration that I need to make.

fmCtrlMask 2 CTRL was pressed. VBA to stop Ctrl PageUp/Down I have spent a great deal of effort stopping users from snooping into areas of my project (most of the ideas have come from this list - thanks) only to find out this week that Ctrl Page Up or Down allows them to move between my various sheets, even though I …

Adding the .Select is the same as CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN See also (xlUp), (xlToRight), and (xlToLeft). Alt+Page Down moves one screen to the right in a worksheet.

SendKeys(String As String, [Wait]) Where, The first argument ‘String As String’ specifies the key combinations that you wanted to use under the program (Ex.

Each key is represented by one or more characters, such as "a" for the character a, or "{ENTER}" for the Enter key. see the onkey method in Excel VBA help for a way to redefine specific keystrokes.--Regards, Tom Ogilvy "Arturo" wrote in message news:07D57170-3DE7-4B28-B49E-35D305BFFA9A@microsoft.com... > Is there a way to disengage that keystroke navigation? You will need to know some VBA to work with the Multipage control, and something you will probably need is to be able to select a page tab during runtime. In addition, to do the worksheet upward, you just only press onto the "Page Up" button. On the Comments VBA page, there are macros that use the SendKeys method to open a comment for editing. Dec 30, 2004 #1

Ctrl+Page Down moves to the next sheet in a workbook. If you would like to use keys in combination with Ctrl, Shift or Alt then you have to precede the key code with the following:

Find the Last Row, Column, or Cell in Excel VBA with the Range.End Method (Part 1 of 3) - Duration: 6:56.

I can create a macro to page down whenever a button is clicked, but I would like to write the VBA code equivalent of the Page Down macro. Moves one screen down in a worksheet. The only thing that I omitted to ask in my original question was how to enable the page up & page down commands when exiting the workbook.

This example will scroll a spreadsheet to row 5.

Settings The settings for Shift are: Constant Value Description fmShiftMask 1 SHIFT was pressed. I've been search all over the internet and videos and I can't find a straight answer for various number of rows.

Many thanks Bob, I have added the code and my problem is solved.

Press Ctrl and Down again goes to E4, and Ctrl and Down again goes to E18. Code Snippet. The Keys argument can specify any single key or any key combined with Alt, Ctrl, or Shift (or any combination of those keys).

Used to programmatically scroll a spreadsheet vertically. Select A1 and press the Ctrl and Down Arrow keys together.

Each key in terms of letters is represented by their character, for example a is “a”.

Page Down.