Paper formats and trays. Disabling default printer redirection in View Clients (2012770) Log in to the machine from which the View Client is launched. However, if you would like to address a printer other than the Windows client default printer, then, in the View session, you should activate the print preview option in the Output Gateway user interface. All print jobs to this printer are now sent to the default printer of the View Client computer. AutoConnect and Management Center/Services • Choose Current printer, then use the option Use this printer in the Thin­Print Client Manager and select a printer. Oddly, it only does this sometimes and not for all users. Output Gateway printer objects can be created manually with the ADD PRINTER func­tion in printers folder or in Print Management using ThinPrint as the manufacturer. The above is what I want but not always what I get. It lets users find the desired print function immediately – including finishing options such as hole-punch, staples, and binding and other enhanced functions. mougT Nov 6, 2012 6:06 AM We are running a Windows 7 non-persistant linked clone pool on VMware View 5.1.1 and vSphere 5.1a. These users have local printers with connection/default set by thinprint. Note: All printers will come through from desktop and install. I also have a problem with ThinPrint constantly setting the printer it mounts as the default rather than leaving the manually set default.

I made the change to the registry but the client says that Thinprint still sets local printers as the default. I have an ongoing problem with printers mounted by ThinPrint. To enable you to print out from Amazon WorkSpace to your printer, install ThinPrint Cloud... 3. 442 Views Tags: 1. I want thinprint to map printers into my VDI session but want to be able to manage the default printer myself. When you use your ID to log in to... 2. It seems that if I change the default printer in VDI, log out and back in, my default printer has changed back to the same default printer I have locally. Option C. - Disable default printer redirection in View Clients - This option will stop default setting (From Client Machine) showing up on VDI desktop. In both cases, Default at Server remains checked. Click Start > Run , type regedit , and click OK . The clients are a mix of Windows 7, zero clients and Linux clients. Firmware versions; Hub PowerShell module . Disable default printer redirection in View Clients (usually physical machines or thin clients): Log into the machine from where the View Client is launched. Your help would be … Sign up for a free Cortado ID, which you then use for Cloud Printer. However, Printing Preferences as well as Printing Defaults are superseded by application specific Printing Properties. Browse support resources that will help you with all of your ThinPrint products or get in touch with our support team. I often find that TP will change the default printer for the direct users... usually to PDF creator. Whether with your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows PC or Mac – ThinPrint Cloud Printer makes cloud printing a breeze. I have the same question Show 0 Likes.