No, you can't take out a life insurance policy on just anybody, and there's a good reason why. In some countries buyers must use domestic insurers for compulsory coverages, but are free to take out insurance from foreign insurers when coverage is not available from domestic insurers. Top synonyms for take out insurance (other words for take out insurance) are insuring, insure and ensure. (Insurance: General) If you take out insurance , you purchase coverage from an insurance company . Get Proof of Insurance Once You Make a Down Payment on Insurance: What you really want in this process is of course to be insured, but right now you need that proof of insurance to get your car out of impound as soon as possible. Take Out Insurance synonyms. Car insurance can be purchased over the phone with a local agent or online through a direct insurance … Definition of take out insurance on : to insure : to buy an insurance policy for He was very glad that he had taken out insurance on the boat. Take-Out Insurance If you use or have considered the state of Florida’s insurer Citizens for your wind or multi-peril property insurance chances are good that in recent months you have heard the term ‘take … By law, not only do you need a person's written consent to take out … If you could take out a life insurance policy on anyone without their consent, then you would, in the words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, have a "sinister counter interest in having the life come to an end."